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MELINIS PRO 2x2 Surface

LED Panel Edgelit
Melinis Pro 2x2 Surface
 LED Panel Edgelit
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 LED Panel Edgelit


MELINIS PRO is 2x2 Full Lit Office lighting LED solution, for Surface commercial application. Offered in 25W, 28W, 32W, 35W, 38W and 43W. With its unique minimalistic design made of high grade CRCA material creates inviting atmosphere. Luminaire provides a high level of architectural flexibility through its color variants. Carefully selected diffuser made of special grade lighting material helps provide maximum light output with ultimate uniformity. Thanks to its lighting effects and its appearance in enhancing workspaces ambience.

Specifications & Features

  • Options available from 25w to 43W LED Office Lighting (OL).
  • Minimalistic designed CRCA housing body for excellent mechanical stability.
  • Diffuser is made of special diffusion material with high transmission, delivering effective light output without any dark or bright patch.
  • Rated life of L70 @ 50000 hours ensures uninterrupted long service life.
  • Excellent color rendering capabilities reveals true color of your surrounding space.
  • Superior lumen and color maintenance.
  • Best in class lumen per watt - more light for less cost.
  • In built electrical protections like over voltage, short circuit, over load, miswiring for additional safety precautions.
  • The luminaire is rated for Efficacy >100 LPW& 110LPW LPW Pf >0.95 , THD <10%.
  • With high efficiency low power loss driver, system is maintained at cooler temperatures and leads to longer driver life.
  • Installation & Maintenance

  • Surface/ceiling mounting with fixing pitch dimension of 580 mm x 480 mm.
  • Chain mounting through two mounting bracket.
  • Applications

  • Office Interior
  • Hotels
  • Airport terminal
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Departmental stroe & shoppping malls
  • Compliance

  • IP 20
  • Class I

    Model / Ordering code Description System Wattage Color Temp THD Power Factor Mains Current Weight (Kg)
    VLC1029 VLCS/104/35/57/00/NWH/V0 35W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.154 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1030 VLCS/104/38/57/00/NWH/V0 38W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.165 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1031 VLCS/104/43/57/00/NWH/V0 43W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.188 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1026 VLCS/104/25/57/10/NWH/V0 25W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.109 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1027 VLCS/104/28/57/10/NWH/V0 28W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.122 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1028 VLCS/104/32/57/10/NWH/V0 32W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.140 Amps 4.5kg
    Lamp Enclosed Rated

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