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CEDRUS is an LED Industrial application luminaire available in various wattages of 85W, 110W,130W,& 150Watts with IP54 compliance. Cedrus takes us one step towards modernizing lighting in an industrial building, apart from enhancing visibility and safety in an industrial environment. The luminaire provides high level of architectural flexibility with no comprise on unmatched quality.

Specifications & Features

  • Elegantly designed pressure die cast aluminum housing with heat sink and extended surface jacket provides efficient heat dissipation.
  • Injection molded transparent diffuser is made of special Polycarbonate material with high transmission levels, delivering superior light output .
  • Rated life of L70 @ 50000 hours ensures uninterrupted longservice life.
  • In-built electrical protections like over voltage, short circuit, over load, miswiring for additional safety precautions.
  • In-built electrical protections like over voltage, short circuit, over load, miswiring , surge protection of min 4kV internal & 6KV external with electrical class I rating for additional safety precautions.
  • With high efficiency low power loss driver, system is maintained at cooler temperature and leads to longer driver life.
  • Color temperature of 5700K .
  • Best in class lumen per watt - more light for less cost.
  • Eyebolt with rubber bush provides much needed dampener in industrial environment.
  • IP 54 for optical compartment.
  • Installation & Maintenance

  • Suspension mounting through M8 Eyebolt provided with the fixture * Use additional 4 Mounting brackets for extra safety (Not in the scope of standard supply).
  • Access to the light engine is through back side of the luminaire, with removing four nos. of M4 screws
  • Applications

  • Assembly Area
  • Workshops/Production Units
  • Rolling Mills
  • Workshops
  • Generator Rooms
  • Compliance

  • IP 54
  • Class I
  • Electrical & Ordering Information

    Model / Ordering code Description System Wattage Color Temp Mains Current THD PF Weight (Kg)
    VLI3051 VLIS/312/85/57/00/NGR/V0 85W 5700K 0.41 Amp < 10% >0.95 4.5Kg
    VLI3052 VLIS/312/110/57/00/NGR/V0 110W 5700K 0.49 Amp < 10% >0.95 4.5Kg
    VLI3053 VLIS/312/130/57/00/NGR/V0 130W 5700K 0.59 Amp < 10% >0.95 4.5Kg
    VLI3054 VLIS/312/150/57/00/NGR/V0 150W 5700K 0.66 Amp < 10% >0.95 4.5Kg
    Lamp Enclosed Rated

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