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 LED Panel Edgelit


Cedar Linear Up/Down with minimalistic design providing excellent luminous environment with superb optimal energy efficiency lighting. Cedar Linear Up-Down delivers high performance and quality light output. Cedar Linear Up-Down is a future proof luminaire provides superior aesthetics with compromise free indoor architectural lighting.

Specifications & Features

  • Cedar Linear Up/ Down is available in stand-alone in 4ft length in standard wattages 18W ,24W,28W in profile width of 52mm and height of 100mm.
  • Luminaire are suitable for stand-alone in 18W, 24W, & 28W in 4ft length & customised length available on request.
  • Low power , high efficacy long life LED’s are used with up-down lighting in the ratio of 30/70 Up/Down.
  • Luminaires are available for standalone and continuous installation.
  • Anodised aluminium body with excellent mechanical strength and durability.
  • High quality anti pc leakage profile design diffuser for high quality illumination across horizontal and vertical surface.
  • Driver duly wired up to the terminal block .
  • Excellent heat dissipation system through luminaire design.
  • Best in class LED SMD LED for better high output &efficiency.
  • Rated life of L70@50000 hours ensure sun interrupted long service life.
  • CRI >80 & THD <10 % and pf > 0.95 & CCT options of 5700K & 4000K
  • Best in class lumen per watt-more light for less cost.
  • In-built electrical protections like overvoltage,shortcircuit, overload,miswiring for additional safety precautions.
  • With high efficiency lowpower lossdriver,systemis maintained at cooler temperature and lead stolonger driverlife.
  • Available with option of multiwatt/ analog and DALI drivers
  • Product is design for easy servicing.
  • Installation & Maintenance

  • Suitable for Surface mounting on direct RCC ceiling .
  • Universal suspension system with quick on site adjustment up to 2000 MM.
  • Easy to install with refered pitch , drill and fix with ribbed anchor screw system.
  • Access to driver is from side of the fixture.
  • Applications

  • Open Modern Offices.
  • Green Buildings .
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Airport Terminals
  • Retail Shops.
  • Compliance

  • IP 20
  • Class I
  • Electrical & Ordering Information

    Model / Ordering code Description System Wattage Color Temp THD Power Factor Mains Current Weight (Kg)
    VLC1208 VLCP/113/18/57/00/1.2M/SA-3/7/NWH/V0 18W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.078 Amps 2.585kg
    VLC1209 VLCP/113/24/57/00/1.2M/SA-3/7/NWH/V0 24W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.105 Amps 2.585kg
    VLC1210 VLCP/113/28/57/00/1.2M/SA-3/7/NWH/V0 28W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.120 Amps 2.585kg
    VLC1211 VLCP/113/18/40/00/1.2M/SA-3/7/NWH/V0 18W 4000K < 10% >0.95 0.078 Amps 2.585kg
    VLC1212 VLCP/113/24/40/00/1.2M/SA-3/7/NWH/V0 24W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.105 Amps 2.585kg
    VLC1213 VLCP/113/28/40/00/1.2M/SA-3/7/NWH/V0 28W 4000K < 10% >0.95 0.120 Amps 2.585kg
    Lamp Enclosed Rated

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