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 LED Panel Edgelit
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 LED Panel Edgelit


To meet the lighting needs for area lighting, billboards and façade lighting, Venture offer LED flood, a real alternative to HID luminaires in the form of AVENS for high-power and large area lighting applications. Superior design approach offers flexibility to light up different areas with different lighting needs. “ AVENS ” uses cutting edge LED technology along with innovative heat sink and unique heat management technology to offer a very reliable product.

Specifications & Features

  • Options are available in 40W to 280W with best in class Lumen per watt– more light for less cost. Available with efficacy >100LPW.
  • System efficacy>100 LPW, providing >50% energy savings over traditional lighting fixtures.
  • Elegantly designed light and gear compartment made in pressure die cast and powder coated for excellent finish and aesthetics.
  • Uniform thermal distribution of the LED light engine, providing superior lumen maintenance (L70 > 50k hours)*
  • High Efficacy LED advance LED technology with LM 80 certified.
  • Secondary lens on LED offers a wide variety of light distribution to suite appropriate flood applications.
  • Composed of high performance optical grade material lenses to achieve desired distribution for lighting application.
  • Tempered Protective Toughened glass, thermal shock and impact resistant fixed to the housing with SS screws.
  • Internal surge 4KV inbuilt and external upto 10KV optional.
  • Using high heat conductivity material which increases heat dissipation speed.
  • Silicone gasket for IP66 protection.
  • Provision to tilt 70 degrees either side for flexibility in mounting application. Also suitable for billboard application.
  • Sturdy CRCA cradle will ensure rigid mounting in area lighting environment.
  • Installation & Maintenance

  • Ground/ Wall/ Ceiling Mounting suitable for M8 Bolt (2 No) with pitch of 85mm
  • Aim the fixture by accessing M8 & M6 Bolts through adjustable cradle.
  • Applications

  • Large & Small Area Lighting
  • Advertisement Billboard
  • Indoor Sports
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Aprons , Dockyards
  • Switchyards
  • Compliance

  • IP 66
  • Class I
  • Electrical & Ordering Information

    Model / Ordering code Description System Wattage Color Temp Mains Current THD PF Weight (Kg)
    VLF5040 VLFS/510/40/57/00/NBK//V0 40W 5700K 0.130 A < 10% >0.95 1.2kg
    VLF5041 VLFS/510/80/57/00/NBK//V0 80W 5700K 0.350 A < 10% >0.95 3kg
    VLF5042 VLFS/510/100/57/00/NBK//V0 100 W 5700K 0.430 A < 10% >0.95 3kg
    VLF5043 VLFS/510/120/57/00/NBK//V0 120W 5700K 0.520 A < 10% >0.95 3.8kg
    VLF5044 VLFS/510/150/57/00/NBK//V0 150W 5700K 0.650 A < 10% >0.95 4.9kg
    VLF5045 VLFS/510/180/57/00/NBK//V0 180W 5700K 0.780 A < 10% >0.95 5.9kg
    VLF5046 VLFS/510/200/57/00/NBK//V0 200W 5700K 0.877 A < 10% >0.95 5.9kg
    VLF5047 VLFS/510/250/57/00/NBK//V0 250W 5700K 1.096 A < 10% >0.95 8kg
    VLF5048 VLFS/510/280/57/00/NBK//V0 280W 5700K 1.228 A < 10% >0.95 8kg
    Lamp Enclosed Rated

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