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 LED Panel Edgelit


To meet the lighting needs for area lighting, billboards and façade lighting, Venture offer LED flood, a real alternative to HID luminaires in the form of “TASSEL NEO FLOOD” for high-power and large area lighting applications. Modular design approach offers flexibility to light up different areas with different lighting needs. With the strategically placed micro vent (rated IP69) offers sustained ingress protection over product life. “ TASSEL NEO FLOOD” uses cutting edge LED technology along with innovative heat sink and unique heat management technology to offer a very reliable product.

Specifications & Features

  • Tassel Neo Flood is offered in 60W-320W.
  • The luminaire has modular construction in 1/2/3/4 modules depending on wattage.
  • System efficacy >100 LPW providing >50% energy savings over traditional lighting fixtures. * Also available in higher LPW versions up to 130 LPW
  • Elegantly designed light and gear compartment made in pressure die cast and powder coated for excellent finish and aesthetics.
  • Injection molded transparent diffuser is made of special Polycarbonate - tough enough to handle vandalism or mis-handling.
  • Sustained IP66 rating of the complete luminaire, ensured by using special type of oleo-phobic and hydro-phobic Micro Vent (rated at IP69)
  • Uniform thermal distribution of the LED light engine, providing superior lumen maintenance (L70 > 50k hours)*
  • Carefully designed fins (in terms of overall surface area, and specific air-flow mechanisms) allow efficient thermal management, providing long life and enhanced performance
  • Air gap to allow efficient air breathing between hotter light compartment and sensitive gear compartment.
  • UL approved diffuser is made of FR grade material providing superior safety with high level of transmission delivers effective light output.
  • Secondary lens on LED offers a wide variety of light distribution to suite appropriate flood applications.
  • Provision to tilt 70 degrees either side for flexibility in mounting application. Also suitable for billboard application .
  • Matching IP66 rated injection molded junction box as a standard offering.
  • The heat sensitive gear compartment is strategically isolated thermally from the heat generating light compartment, enhancing the longevity and reliability of the driver and hence the entire luminaire.
  • Sturdy CRCA cradle will ensure rigid mounting in area lighting environment.
  • Fins are designed is such a way to minimize accumulation of dust or industrial waste on the top surface of fixture.
  • Luminaire is designed to withstand external vibrations (2G) offering reliable operation.
  • Installation & Maintenance

  • Direct Mounting suitable forM10 Bolt (2 No) with pitch of 160mm
  • Aim the fixture by accessing M8 & M6 Bolts through adjustable cradle.
  • For standard wiring or loop in and loop out wiring please refer wiring instruction..
  • Applications

  • Large & Small Area Lighting
  • Advertisement Billboard
  • Indoor Sports
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Aprons , Dockyards,
  • Switchyards
  • Compliance

  • IP 66
  • Class I
  • Electrical & Ordering Information

    Model / Ordering code Description System Wattage Color Temp Mains Current THD PF Weight (Kg)
    VLF5014 VLFS/506/60/57/00/90D/NGR/V0 60W 5700K 0.26 A < 10% >0.95 5.5kg
    VLF5016 VLFS/506/80/57/00/90D/NGR/V0 80W 5700K 0.35 A < 10% >0.95 5.5kg
    VLF5018 VLFS/507/120/57/00/60D/NGR/V0 120 W 5700K 0.52 A < 10% >0.95 7kg
    VLF5020 VLFS/507/140/57/00/60D/NGR/V0 140W 5700K 0.61 A < 10% >0.95 7kg
    VLF5022 VLFS/507/160/57/00/60D/NGR/V0 160W 5700K 0.70 A < 10% >0.95 7kg
    VLF5024 VLFS/508/180/57/00/60D/NGR/V0 180W 5700K 0.78 A < 10% >0.95 12kg
    VLF5026 VLFS/508/200/57/00/60D/NGR/V0 200W 5700K 0.87 A < 10% >0.95 12kg
    VLF5028 VLFS/508/180/57/00/25D/NGR/V0 180W 5700K 0.78 A < 10% >0.95 12kg
    VLF5030 VLFS/508/200/57/00/25D/NGR/V0 200 W 5700K 0.87 A < 10% >0.95 12kg
    VLF5032 VLFS/508/220/57/00/25D/NGR/V0 220W 5700K 0.96 A < 10% >0.95 12kg
    VLF5033 VLFS/508/240/57/00/25D/NGR/V0 240W 5700K 1.05 A < 10% >0.95 12kg
    VLF5036 VLFS/509/280/57/00/25D/NGR/V0 280W 5700K 1.22 A < 10% >0.95 15kg
    VLF5038 VLFS/509/320/57/00/25D/NGR/V0 320W 5700K 1.40 A < 10% >0.95 15kg
    Note: Available with efficacy upto 130LPW
    Lamp Enclosed Rated

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