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To address some of the challenges in all industrial lighting space Venture Lighting now introducing ‘LINUS Linear High Bay Series’ with superior optical & electrical performance ‘Venture LINUS’ utilizes cutting-edge LED technology to suit wide range of distributions for different industrial applications. LINUS replaces conventional HID based solution in a highly efficient and reliable way. We are offering this product range from 120W to 200W. LINUS also provides increased energy saving with lower maintenance costs and shorter paybacks on investments.

Specifications & Features

  • Available in wattages of 120W ,150W & 200W.
  • With system efficacy of 120LPW, providing >50% energy savings over traditional lighting fixtures and additional savings over lesser efficacy LED systems*.
  • Extruded aluminum heat sink provides efficient thermal management, providing long life and enhanced performance.
  • Uniform thermal distribution of the LED light engine, providing superior lumen maintenance (L70 > 50k hours).
  • IP lens provide sustained IP65 protection over product life.
  • Rated life of L70 @ 50000 hours ensures uninterrupted long service life.
  • Enhanced & well lit uniform illumination with surface mounting & provision for suspended mounting also.
  • Intentional Air gap to allow efficient air breathing between hotter light compartment and sensitive gear compartment.
  • As standard range available in 60 deg symmetric beam distribution
  • Excellent color rendering capabilities (CRI >80) reveals true color of your surrounding space.
  • Available in various color temp – 5700K & PF > 0.95 & surge
  • Sturdy CRCA cradle will ensure rigid mounting in industrial environment.
  • In built electrical protections like over voltage, short circuit, over load, miswiring for additional safety precautions
  • Supplied with all required mounting accessories.
  • The luminaire is provided with low power loss driver for high electrical & thermal performance and reliability.
  • Provision to aim will help to direct useful light where it matters a most. (tilt at 50 degree on either side)
  • Installation & Maintenance

  • Provision for suspension mounting.
  • Direct Mounting suitable forM8 Bolt 2 No.
  • Applications

  • High and Low bay lighting
  • Workshops
  • Assembly lines
  • Generator rooms, Cold storage
  • Rolling mills
  • High-ceiling spaces
  • Warehouses, Racked aisles or open floor plan
  • Compliance

  • IP 65
  • Class I
  • Electrical & Ordering Information

    Model / Ordering code Description System Wattage Color Temp Mains Current THD PF Weight (Kg)
    VLI3019 VLIS /306/120/57/4F/20/NGR/V0 120W 5700K 0.86 Amps < 10% >0.95 4kg
    VLI3020 VLIS /306/150/57/3F/20/NGR/V0 150W 5700K 0.65 Amps < 10% >0.95 4kg
    VLI 3021 VLIS /306/150/57/4F/20/NGR/V0 150W 5700K 0.65 Amps < 10% >0.95 5kg
    VLI3022 VLIS/306/200/57/4F/20/NGR/V0 200W 5700K 0.86 Amps < 10% >0.95 5kg
    VLI3023 VLIS/306/120/57/3F/20/NGR/V0 120W 5700K 0.52 Amps < 10% >0.95 4kg
    Lamp Enclosed Rated

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