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 LED Panel Edgelit
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 LED Panel Edgelit


Maple Neo is a new age professional LED lighting solution for recessed commercial application offered in 20W,23W,25W,28W,30W, 36W.A recessed depression is provided in the luminaire surface to achieve a special Impression of depth. Luminaire provides a high level architectural flexibility in lighting design and application and moreover enhances the workspaces ambience with lively illumination pattern in the ceiling.

Specifications & Features

  • Elegantly designed pressure diecast aluminium housing body with extended heat sink for better thermal disspiation.
  • Injection molded diffuser is made of special polycarbonate material .
  • High transmission diffusser delivers effective light output without any dark or bright patch. Thus creates a pleasing effect on the human eye.
  • Best in class lumen per watt upto 130 LPW more light for less cost .
  • Rated life of L70@ 50000 hrs ensures uninterrupted long service life.
  • Superior lumen and color maintenance with excellent CRI 80.
  • With high efficiency low power loss driver system is maintained at cooler temperature and lead to longer driver life.
  • Reliable integrated power driver for long system life span.
  • Color Temperature availaible are cool white and neutral white.
  • In built electrical protections like over volatge , short circuit , open circuit & reverse polarity.
  • The luminaire is rated for Efficacy >100 & 130LPW LPW, Pf >0.95 , THD <10%.
  • Installation & Maintenance

  • Mounting suitable for arm strong ceiling with cutout dimension of 575mmx575mm.
  • Please use frame for mounting on POP /Gysum ceiling.
  • Suspension mounting through 4 mounting brackets
  • Maintenance through releasing four M4 screws from backside of luminaire.
  • Applications

  • Departmental Stores & Hotels
  • IT buildings & Offices
  • Commercial Buildings & Airport
  • Terminals & Retail Chains
  • Compliance

  • IP 20
  • Class I
  • Electrical & Ordering Information

    Model / Ordering code Description System Wattage Color Temp THD Power Factor Mains Current Weight (Kg)
    VLC1110 VLCR/114/25/57/00/NWH/V0 25W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.11 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1111 VLCR/114/30/57/00/NWH/V0 30W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.138 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1112 VLCR/114/36/57/00/NWH/V0 36W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.16 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1113 VLCR/114/20/57/30/NWH/V0 20W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.09 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1114 VLCR/114/23/57/30/NWH/V0 23W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.105 Amps 4.5kg
    VLC1115 VLCR/114/28/57/30/NWH/V0 28W 5700K < 10% >0.95 0.13 Amps 4.5kg
    Lamp Enclosed Rated

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