LED Panel Edgelit
 LED Panel Edgelit
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 LED Panel Edgelit


LED Post top luminaire which enhances the night time safety ,aesthetics and accessibility.Salvia 3 is exemplary Post Top design with elegant look curated with safety , performance &aesthetics which complements the overall design philosophy and theme of the surrounding.

Specifications & Features

  • Salvia 3 is exemplary Post Top design with better performance and aesthetics.
  • Post Top luminaire is available in 60W LED system.
  • Luminaire body construction is made of aluminum& in graphite grey finish & diffuser in clear/ opal PMMA.
  • Rated life of L70 @ >50000 hours ensures uninterrupted long service life.
  • Color temperature of 5700K /3000K available & CRI >70
  • The surge protection of the luminaire is 4KV & external surge 10 KV
  • Operating voltage 140V -270V & THD < 10% & Pf >0.95.
  • The luminaire Electrical Safety Class I & IP65.
  • Luminaire suitable for pipe/pole mounting outer dia OD of 60mm
  • Luminaire is provided with all accessories with easy installation & serviceability.
  • Installation & Maintenance

  • Loose the M6 screws in the bottom of the Luminaire, connect the input wires to LEN connector, fix the luminaire to the pole dia 60 mm recommended, Tight the M6 screws and complete the installation.
  • Driver replacement: Remove the Knob on top of the Luminaire, and open the doom, replace the driver.
  • Applications

  • Landscapes & Parks
  • Pathways & Gardens
  • Walkways & Downtown
  • Compliance

  • IP 65
  • Class I
  • Electrical & Ordering Information

    Model / Ordering code Description System Wattage Color Temp Mains Current THD PF Weight (Kg)
    VLB6018 VLBP/610/60/57/NGG/V0 60W 5700K 0.262 Amps < 10% >0.95 5.95kg
    VLB6019 VLBP/610/60/30/NGG/V0 60W 3000K 0.262 Amps < 10% >0.95 5.95kg
    Lamp Enclosed Rated

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